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Magnocellular Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus

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This page covers biological details of component Magnocellular Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus. Region is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to region: Forebrain Telencephalon -> Extended Amygdala (FAM.FT.EXTAM) -> Amygdala (FAM.FT.AM) -> Basolateral Nuclear Complex (FAM.FT.AM.BL) -> Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus (FAM.FT.AM.B) -> Magnocellular Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus (FAM.FT.AM.BM) (see Mind Maps)
  • Type: nucleus
  • Quality: L0
  • Brain area: Forebrain - Affective Motivations Area (FAM)
  • Area circuit: Conditional Context Sensory Data and Memory Attention (FAMXCS)
  • Role: processor.affective
  • Function: enhance emotional memories memories in medial prefrontal cortex




  • no child items defined



Inbound Region Connections:

Source Area Source Region Source Name Type Reference
FAM FAM.FT.AM.BP Parvicellular Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus excitatory-glu (unknown reference)
LMC LMC.FT.NBM Basal Nucleus of Meynert modulatory-ach (unknown reference)
NCP NCP.NC.INS.PIC Posterior Insular Cortex excitatory-glu Afferent pain pathways (Insula -> AMY, abstract)
NDM NDM.NC.AL.FPC Lateral Frontopolar Cortex excitatory-glu Bowels control brain: gut hormones and obesity (OFC -> AMY, abstract)

Outbound Region Connections:

Target Area Target Region Target Name Type Reference
FAM FAM.FT.AM.ITC Intercalated Amygdaloid Nuclei excitatory-glu (unknown reference)
NCP NCP.NC.MPL.PSCG Posterior Cingulate Cortex excitatory-glu Oculomotor decision-making (AMYG -> CGp, abstract)
NSA NSA.NC.TTG.A1 Primary Auditory Cortex excitatory-glu Visual-Auditory Interactions in Tectum (AM -> AC, abstract)

Thirdparty Circuits


AC=Primary Auditory Cortex,NSA.NC.TTG.A1
CN=Cochlear Nucleus,LPC.HL.COCH (see Myelencephalic Sensory Nuclei)
IC=Inferior Colliculus,ABA.MM.IC (see Reflexes Nuclei of Midbrain Mesencephalon)
MGB=Medial Geniculate Body,NSA.FD.TH.MGB
OC=Superior Olivary Complex,LPC.MM.SOC
PM=Premotor Cortex,NC.PMC
SC=Superior Colliculus,MM.SC (see Reflexes Nuclei of Midbrain Mesencephalon)

CGa=Anterior Cingulate Cortex,NC.AL.ACG (see Anterior Cingulate Area)
CGp=Posterior Cingulate Cortex,NCP.NC.MPL.PSCG
Caudate=Caudate Nucleus,FEC.FT.CN (see Basal Ganglia)
FEF=Frontal Eye Field,NMA.NC.PMC.FEF (see Premotor Cortex)
LIP=Lateral Intraparietal Sulcus,NPE.NC.IPS.LIP
NAC=Accumbens Nucleus,FEC.FT.ACC (see Basal Ganglia)
OFC=Orbitofrontal Cortex,NC.AL.OPFC (see Orbitomedial Prefrontal Cortex)
PFC=Mid-Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex,NDM.NC.AL.DLPFC (see Lateral Prefrontal Cortex)
SC=Superior Colliculus,MM.SC (see Reflexes Nuclei of Midbrain Mesencephalon)
SEF=Supplementary Eye Field,NPE.NC.SMC.SEF
SNc=Substantia Nigra Pars Compacta Lateral,FEC.FT.SNC.LT
SNr=Substantia Nigra Pars Reticulata Dorsolateral,FEC.FT.SNR.DL
VTA=Ventral Tegmental Area,LMC.MM.VTA

ACG=Anterior Cingulate Cortex,NC.AL.ACG (see Anterior Cingulate Area)
HC=Hippocampus,FMM.FT.HC (see Hippocampal Formation)
HT.L=Lateral Hypothalamic Area,LAC.FD.HT.LT (see Hypothalamus)
HT.PV=Paraventricular Nucleus,LAC.FD.HT.PV
INS=Insular Cortex,NC.INS
LC=Locus Coeruleus,LMC.HT.LC
MPFC=Orbitofrontal Cortex,NC.AL.OPFC (see Orbitomedial Prefrontal Cortex)
PAG=Periaqueductal Gray Matter,LMC.MM.PAG
PB=Parabrachial Nucleus,LPC.HT.PRF.PB
SOL=Solitary Nucleus,LPC.HL.SOL

AB=Accessory Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus,FAM.FT.AM.AB
BM=Magnocellular Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus,FAM.FT.AM.BM
BP=Parvicellular Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus,FAM.FT.AM.BP
CE=Central Amygdala,FAM.FT.AM.CEA (see Amygdala)
LA=Lateral Amygdaloid Nucleus,FAM.FT.AM.LA (see Amygdala)
MED=Medial Amygdala,FAM.FT.AM.M (see Amygdala)

ABmg=Accessory Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus,FAM.FT.AM.AB
Bmg=Magnocellular Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus,FAM.FT.AM.BM
Bpc=Parvicellular Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus,FAM.FT.AM.BP
CA1D=Distal CA1 of Hippocampus,FMM.FT.HC.CA1D
CA1P=Proximal CA1 of Hippocampus,FMM.FT.HC.CA1P
L=Lateral Amygdaloid Nucleus,FAM.FT.AM.LA (see Amygdala)