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aHuman Project

  • aHuman Project started in 2008 to create alive being by means of a computer
  • After a while it became clear that project belongs to Artificial Life area and to some extent it is attempt to be a God


  • Artificial Life area consists of wet (genetics), hard (robotics) and soft (aHuman case) subdivisions
  • Soft Artificial Life can be achieved using biological architecture or somehow else
  • Any non-biological approach looks to me quite unreliable because it is easy to fall into looking like alive while not being it
  • Biological approach means that we treat human nervous system as mind on brain, where mind is its architecture and brain is wet matter to implement this architecture (like software on hardware)
  • Using biological architecture is hard because mountains of biological data are not adopted to the task and because human mind is still unsolved issue
  • Nevertheless, neurobiology knows almost everything about human mind, with increasing progress last years, and it is hard but reasonable way
  • Finally - aHuman tries to construct creature having the same architectural approach as human but with different sensors and effectors
  • So at least we are not going to be smarter than God

aHuman Platform

  • aHuman project is a platform able to construct and run various targets
  • If succeeded, aHuman can lead to creating (just possible targets):
    • aWee - "personal" (being a person) computer, which is your assistant and friend
    • aYou - make a copy of yourself using Theory of Mind (somehow transhumanistic idea)
    • aPet - make realistic dog or cat to play with
  • Business applications can be industrial control, fair sales and so on
  • Like previous hosting on googlecode (buried, thanks to Google managers), project uses bidirectional svn mapping of site pages (
  • code is available at:
export from:
svn export
  • if you would like to do smth in aHuman, please contact me at:
Skype: vladimir.savchik

Biological Model

  • Developments efforts has led to approach of using declarative model and biological model of human, in fact great pass-by-product
  • Biological model is integration of most data of neurobiology and the only source of information, presenting recent data in a consistent manner
  • Creating biological model was possible due to IT-experience and long-term directed efforts of collecting and integrating data, resulting in several key insights which make it possible to create model
  • Declarative model allows to generate structured information presentations and use biological data directly by AL-engine
  • Half of this site is created from biological model using specific platform target (
  • Current activity is devoted to creating aWee target ( to make use of biological model to build AL
  • see BiologicalLifeResearch