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aHuman Project

  • aHuman Project started in 2008 to create alive being by means of a computer
  • After a while it became clear that project belongs to Artificial Life area and to some extent it is attempt to be a God


  • Artificial Life area consists of wet (biological), hard (robotics) and soft alife
  • Soft Artificial Life can be achieved using biological architecture or smth else
  • Any non-biological approach looks to me quite unreliable because it is easy to fall into looking alive life not being it
  • Biological approach means that we treat human nervous system as mind on brain, where mind is its architecture while brain is wet matter to implement this architecture
  • Using biological architecture is hard because mounains of biolological data are not adopted to the task and because human mind is still unsolved issue
  • Still, neurobiology knowns almost everything about human mind, with increasing progress last years, and it is hard but reasonable way
  • Finally - aHuman tries to construct creature having the same architectural approach as human but with different sensors and effectors
  • So we are not going to be smarter than God
  • aHuman project (ahengine) is a platform able to contruct and run various targets
  • If succeeded, aHuman can lead to creating (just possible tagets):
    • aWee - "personal" (being a person) computer, which is your assistant and friend
    • aYou - make a copy of yourself using Theory of Mind
    • aPet - make realistic god or cat to play with
  • Business appplications can be industrial control, fair sales and so on
  • code is available at:
export from:
svn export
  • if you like to take part in aHuman, please contact me at:
Skype: vladimir.savchik