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Pure Sensor Research

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Sensors research covers creating sensors suitable for artificial life, able to capture and transfer externally originated information in realtime using limited resources, as well as clarifying nature of sensor inputs, outputs and sensor auto-adoption to aHuman intentions and environment conditions.


  • sensor - capture and passive feedback element
  • external property - property of external world captured by sensor
  • capture area - part of external world, perceived by sensor
  • capture resolution - set of external world properties, captured by sensor
  • attention - energy amplifier, factor, by which external energy is multiplied in sequence
  • sensor control state - sensor state, defining current capture area, capture resolution and attention
  • exposed property - sensor property available to perception by external world, generated by sensor control state
  • sensor stream - output items streamed to other areas of mind
  • sensor sequence - part of sensor stream representing one capture area snapshot
  • sequence length - number of items in sensor sequence
  • sequence width - number of variables in sensor sequence item vector
  • sensor variable - value of output of sensor neuron

Research targets

Sensory Pathway

 #. sensory receptors (e.g., touch corpuscles of Meissner in the skin)
 #. nerve fibers ascend to
 #. processing centers in spinal cord and brain
 #. nerve fibers ascend on same or opposite side of CNS to
 #. processing centers
 #. nerve fibers ascend on same side to
 #. processing centers in cerebral cortex

Useful resources

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