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Sensory Interoception Ganglia

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This page covers biological details of component group Sensory Interoception Ganglia. Component group is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to center: Peripheral Nervous System -> Sensory Ganglia (PNS.SG) -> Sensory Interoception Ganglia (PN.SG.SI) (see Mind Maps)
  • Function:




Component items:

  • Petrosal Ganglion (LPC.PN.SG.PET): Integration of afferent signaling from viscera
  • Nodose Ganglion (LPC.PN.SG.NOD): Integration of afferent signaling from viscera



Internal Regions Connections:

  • no connections

External Connections:


External Inbound Center Connections:

Source Center Sample Link Reference
Mouth feeder (TARGET.TEA.FEEDER) TARGET.TEA.FEEDER -> LPC.PN.SG.NOD (unknown reference)
Heart (TARGET.TEA.HEART) TARGET.TEA.HEART -> LPC.PN.SG.NOD (unknown reference)
Liver (TARGET.TEA.LIVER) TARGET.TEA.LIVER -> LPC.PN.SG.NOD (unknown reference)
Lung (TARGET.TEA.LUNG) TARGET.TEA.LUNG -> LPC.PN.SG.NOD (unknown reference)
Ear (TARGET.TSA.EAR) TARGET.TSA.EAR -> LPC.PN.SG.PET (unknown reference)
Nose (TARGET.TSA.NOSE) TARGET.TSA.NOSE -> LPC.PN.SG.NOD (unknown reference)

External Outbound Center Connections:

Target Center Sample Link Reference
Myelencephalic Sensory Nuclei (HL.SN) LPC.PN.SG.NOD -> LPC.HL.SOL (unknown reference)