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Network Listeners

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This feature allows to have unlimited set of connections initiated from aiengine server to external servers.

Implementation Details

  • aiengine creates all active sockets on startup
  • active socket is available via AIMedia interface
  • active socket is available via IO channels if configured
  • inbound stream can be forwarded to configured IO channel
  • stream from specific IO channel can be forwarded to outbound
  • active socket supports protocol configuring - see Protocols
  • if forwarding inbound stream - creates thread to read from socket and automatically reconnects if connection was broken

Planned but implemented:

  • to have non-persisting connections - to use active connection only after request from server, do not restore connection automatically
  • timeout for reconnection


  • sample configuration for google active socket in media.xml
		<channel name="google" run="true">
			<property name="protocol" value="http"/>
			<property name="protocol.showmessages" value="false"/>
			<property name="protocol.showpackets" value="false"/>
			<property name="msgtype" value="text"/>
			<property name="permanent" value="true"/>
			<property name="host" value=""/> 
			<property name="port" value="80"/> 
			<property name="redirect-in" value="true"/>
			<property name="redirect-out" value="true"/> 
			<property name="topic-in" value="http.response"/> 
			<property name="topic-out" value="http.request"/> 
  • host - host to connect to - now IP-addresses are not supported
  • port - port to connect to
  • redirect-in - if "true" then messages are forwarded from socket to IO channel
  • redirect-out - if "true" then messages are forwarded from IO channel to socket
  • topic-in - channel to write messages received from socket
  • topic-out - messages from this channel are sent to socket - see Protocols
  • reconnectionTimeout - if unable to connect to socket, then next attempt is performed only after reconnectionTimeout seconds

How to Test

  • use google active socket and test to read some page:
INFO: AI console
INFO: connected to
<xmlcall name="TestDirectChannels-Google" class="TestDirectChannels" method="testRequestPage" requestId="REQ-1">
        <property name="page" value="" />

<xmlcallresult requestId="REQ-1" name="TestDirectChannels-Google" status="OK">
    <body><!DOCTYPE html... (omitted)

INFO: disconnected