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Lateral Parietal Cortex

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This page covers biological details of component group Lateral Parietal Cortex. Component group is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to center: Cerebral Cortex -> Parietal Lobe (NC.LOBE.PAR) -> Postcentral Gyrus (NC.PG) -> Lateral Parietal Cortex (NC.PG.LPC) (see Mind Maps)
  • Function:




Component items:



Internal Regions Connections:


Source Region Target Region Reference
Secondary Somatosensory Cortex (NCP.NC.PG.S2) Parietal Ventral Cortex (NCP.NC.PG.PV) (unknown reference)

External Connections:


External Inbound Center Connections:

Source Center Sample Link Reference
Sensory Thalamus (FD.TH.SR) NCP.FD.TH.VPI -> NCP.NC.PG.PV (unknown reference)
Anterior Parietal Cortex (NC.PG.APC) NCP.NC.PG.S1 -> NCP.NC.PG.PV (unknown reference)

External Outbound Center Connections:

Target Center Sample Link Reference
Inferior Parietal Lobule (NC.IPL) NCP.NC.PG.S2 -> NPE.NC.IPL.SMW (unknown reference)
Rhinal Cortex (NC.PHA.RH) NCP.NC.PG.PV -> FMM.NC.PH.PER (unknown reference)
Superior Parietal Lobule (NC.SPL) NCP.NC.PG.PV -> NCP.NC.SPL.SA (unknown reference)
Motor Cortex (NMA.NC.MC) NCP.NC.PG.PV -> NMA.NC.MC Global visual system (ParietalCortex -> FrontalCortex, abstract)