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Blood Pressure Control

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This page covers components and connections of circuit Blood Pressure Control. Circuit is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.




Mind Area Component ID Component Name Type Function
ACA AVA.HM.SAL.ISL Inferior Salivatory Nucleus nucleus facilitate digestion - produce watery saliva
AVA.HM.SAL.SSL Superior Salivatory Nucleus nucleus facilitate respiration - produce thiker saliva
AVA.HM.VG Vagus Nucleus nucleus Parasympathetic vagal functions in the gastrointestinal tract, lungs
AVA.PN.PSYM.CRG Cardiac Ganglion parasympathetic ganglion Heart
AVA.PN.PSYM.GUT Parasympathetic Gut Brain parasympathetic ganglion Autonomic control of stomach, liver
AVA.PN.PSYM.OTG Otic Ganglion parasympathetic ganglion Parotid gland
AVA.PN.PSYM.PPG Pelvic Peripheral Ganglion parasympathetic ganglion Sigmoid, rectum, bladder, and external genitalia
AVA.PN.PSYM.PUG Pulmonary Peripheral Ganglion parasympathetic ganglion Lung
AVA.PN.PSYM.SPG Sphenopalatine Ganglion parasympathetic ganglion Lacrimal, nasal and palatine glands
AVA.PN.PSYM.SXG Submandibular Ganglion parasympathetic ganglion Submaxillary and sublingual salivary glands
PCA AVA.PN.SG.DRG Dorsal Root Ganglion sensory ganglion Integration of afferent signaling from viscera
AVA.PN.SG.NOD Nodose Ganglion sensory ganglion Integration of afferent signaling from viscera
AVA.PN.SG.PET Petrosal Ganglion sensory ganglion Integration of afferent signaling from viscera
ACA AVA.PN.SYM.IMG Inferior Mesenteric Ganglion sympathetic ganglion Bladder, rectum, reproductive organs
AVA.PN.SYM.SCG Superior Cervical Ganglion sympathetic ganglion Eye, tear and salivatory glands
AVA.PN.SYM.STG Stellate Ganglion sympathetic ganglion Heart, Lung
AVA.PN.SYM.TG Sympathetic Thoracic Ganglia sympathetic ganglion Heart
AVA.SC.IZ.IML Intermediolateral Nucleus nucleus Mediate entire sympathetic innervation of body
AVA.SC.IZ.SPS Sacral Parasympathetic Nucleus nucleus parasympathetic impulses pass via postganglionic fibers to the urinary bladder, erectile tissues, and the smooth muscles and glands in the colon and rectum
AMA BFA.FD.HB Habenula nucleus Encoding negative feedback
BFA.FT.SEP Septal Nucleus nucleus Inhibition of fear and expression of pleasurable responses
ECA BGA.FT.ACC Accumbens Nucleus nucleus Activate motor functions under attention
BGA.FT.GPI Globus Pallidus Internal nucleus Output nuclei of basal ganglia to neocortex
BGA.FT.SN.PC Substantia Nigra Pars Compacta nucleus Fine motor control, temporal processing
BGA.FT.VP Ventral Pallidum nucleus Distinguish _wanting_ versus _liking_ enhancements
BGA.HP.PPN Pedunculopontine Nucleus nucleus Provide sensory feedback to cerebral cortex; modulatory
ACA BMA.SC.LH.LSN Lateral Spinal Nucleus nucleus Integrate autonomic and homeostatic functions
PCA BMA.SC.PH.SG Substantia Gelatinosa nucleus Relay for C-fibers of slowly conducting, poorly localized pain sensation
MCA FBA.HP.LC Locus Coeruleus nucleus Regulate the intensity of responses to salient stimuli
FBA.MM.RP.DRN Dorsal Raphe Nucleus nucleus Regulation of sleep and mood
FBA.MM.RP.MRN Median Raphe Nucleus nucleus Block or temporarily suspend mnemonic processes in the hippocampus
FBA.MM.VTA Ventral Tegmental Area nucleus Respond to novel stimuli, unexpected rewards, and reward predictive sensory cues
EPA FCA.FD.TH.MD Mediodorsal Nucleus of Thalamus nucleus Attention, planning, organization, abstract thinking, multi-tasking, and active memory
MMA HBA.FT.HC.CA1 Ventrolateral Cornu Ammonis of Hippocampus cortex Representing sequences of episodic memory - long-term
MRA HMA.HM.AMB Ambiguus Nucleus nucleus Control muscles of pharynx
PCA HMA.HM.SOL Solitary Nucleus nucleus Carry taste buds, thoracic and abdominal viscera
HMA.HM.TGM.STR Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus nucleus Discriminative sensation and light touch of face, conscious proprioception
ACA HTA.FD.HT.LT Lateral Nucleus nucleus Thirst and hunger
HTA.FD.HT.PO Preoptic Area nucleus Thermoregulation
HTA.FD.HT.PV Paraventricular Nucleus nucleus Regulate appetite and autonomic functions
HTA.FD.HT.SCN Suprachiasmatic Nucleus nucleus 24-hour rhythms
MCA MBA.MM.TG.LDT Laterodorsal Tegmental Nucleus nucleus Modulating sustained attention or in mediating alerting responses
MMA PHA.NC.INS.HR Anterior Temporal Lobe cortex, BA 15 Relaying blood pressure and blood chemistry information to brain
PHA.NC.PH.PRR Perirhinal Cortex cortex, BA 35 Associate different visual views of objects and their various nonvisual attributes
BAA SMA.FD.TH.VPI Ventral Posteroinferior Nucleus nucleus Relays pain and temperature from body to insula
SMA.FD.TH.VPL Ventral Posterolateral Nucleus nucleus Relays somatic information from body to S1



Source Region Target Region Type Reference
AVA.HM.SAL.ISL AVA.PN.PSYM.GUT nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
AVA.PN.PSYM.OTG nucleus-ganglion Autonomic nervous system (ISL -> OTG)
AVA.PN.PSYM.PUG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
AVA.HM.SAL.SSL AVA.PN.PSYM.SPG nucleus-ganglion Autonomic nervous system (SSL -> SPG)
AVA.PN.PSYM.SXG nucleus-ganglion Autonomic nervous system (SSL -> SMG)
AVA.HM.VG AVA.PN.PSYM.CRG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
AVA.PN.PSYM.PUG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
AVA.PN.SG.DRG BMA.SC.PH.SG ganglion-nucleus (unknown reference)
HMA.HM.TGM.STR ganglion-nucleus (unknown reference)
AVA.PN.SG.NOD HMA.HM.SOL ganglion-nucleus (unknown reference)
AVA.PN.SG.PET HMA.HM.SOL ganglion-nucleus (unknown reference)
AVA.SC.IZ.IML AVA.PN.SYM.IMG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
AVA.PN.SYM.STG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
AVA.PN.SYM.TG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
AVA.SC.IZ.SPS AVA.PN.PSYM.PPG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
BFA.FD.HB BGA.FT.SN.PC nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (LHb -> SNc)
BGA.HP.PPN nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (MHb -> IP)
FBA.MM.RP.DRN nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (LHb -> DR)
FBA.MM.RP.MRN nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (LHb -> MR)
FBA.MM.VTA nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (LHb -> VTA)
MBA.MM.TG.LDT nucleus-nucleus Head Direction Cell Circuit (LHAB -> DTN)
BFA.FT.SEP BFA.FD.HB nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (S -> MHb)
HTA.FD.HT.PO nucleus-nucleus Cingulate Gyrus (SEP -> HT, abstract)
BGA.FT.ACC BGA.FT.VP nucleus-nucleus Craving (NACC -> VPAL)
BGA.FT.GPI BFA.FD.HB nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (GPi -> LHb)
BGA.FT.VP nucleus-nucleus (unknown reference)
BGA.FT.VP BFA.FD.HB nucleus-nucleus (unknown reference)
BMA.SC.LH.LSN AVA.PN.SYM.SCG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
BMA.SC.PH.SG SMA.FD.TH.VPI nucleus-nucleus (unknown reference)
FBA.HP.LC BFA.FD.HB nucleus-nucleus (unknown reference)
FCA.FD.TH.MD BGA.FT.VP nucleus-nucleus (unknown reference)
HBA.FT.HC.CA1 HTA.FD.HT.PO allocortex-nucleus Feeling (HC -> HT, abstract)
HMA.HM.AMB AVA.SC.IZ.IML nucleus-nucleus (unknown reference)
HMA.HM.SOL SMA.FD.TH.VPL nucleus-nucleus Amygdalar disruption of prefrontal cortex (SOL -> TH, abstract)
HTA.FD.HT.LT BFA.FD.HB nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (LH -> LHb)
HTA.FD.HT.PO BFA.FD.HB nucleus-nucleus Habenula Connections (LPO -> LHb)
HTA.FD.HT.PV BMA.SC.LH.LSN nucleus-nucleus (unknown reference)
HTA.FD.HT.SCN AVA.PN.SYM.SCG nucleus-ganglion (unknown reference)
HTA.FD.HT.PV nucleus-nucleus (unknown reference)
PHA.NC.INS.HR PHA.NC.PH.PRR neocortex-neocortex Contribution of hippocampal region CA3 to consciousness (AnteriorTemporal -> PRCortex)
SMA.FD.TH.VPL PHA.NC.INS.HR nucleus-neocortex Amygdalar disruption of prefrontal cortex (TH -> INS, abstract)