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Coding Style Guide

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What is The Code Style and Why We Need It

  • Code style is the only way to share code
  • Good code style helps to develop complex programs

Naming Convention

  • use as a direction
  • name variables, functions as __varName__, __doSelfDescriptiveAction__
  • name classes, typedefs, enums, structs as __!TypeName__
  • name constants, defines, as __MAXNAME__
  • name files in lower case, as __filename.h__
   # name headers by functional area, as __aidb.h__
   # name source files by class, use one file per class, as __nnlayer.cpp__


  • align function body with 8-char tabs
  • use spaces to delimit any text, except function name, from brackets and commas
  • use spaces before and after '='
  • use empty lines to delimit closely related groups of code lines (code block)
  • use the doxygen style function header comments.


  • use one-line comments for every code block
  • try write comments in such way that they represent sequential specification of function if delete the code
  • use area delimiter to split file into groups of functions of very different matter - e.g. header references, interface functions, internal implementation functions, standard interface implementation, such as Object