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Active Tasks

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Development Goals

Project Planning:

Tactical Goals:

  • create consistent and complete biological human model
  • automated tracking of bio research and artificial research
  • implement flexible and transparent top-level workflow
  • define aHuman area services

Book of Work

Build biological human model

  • make sure all spinal nerves attached to roots (needs validator)
  • make target region link type names consistent
  • add reference as covered by PNS
  • build formal spinal cord model
    • consider every level separately
    • ensure each nerve reaches its connectivity
    • ensure input/output component coverage
  • describe all tracts paths
  • group target connectors to make circuits
  • split mind areas into observable local circuits
  • add service set to area page
  • create cranial mind page
  • create subcortical mind page
  • use tract information in spinal cord, cranial, cortical and subcortical pages

Improve mind engine

Book of Done

Build biological human model

  • make sure set of muscles and glands match target connectors (needs validator)
  • make nervelist entries resolved, define connectors (needs validator)
  • add mind connections to target pages
  • split mindcover into dura sensor (meninges) and blood vessels effector
  • make sure all muscles and glands are innervated (needs validator)
  • make sure all nerves are connected to muscles and glands (needs validator)
  • group connectors within target
  • split mouth effector into speaker and feeder, move breath functions to lung
  • replace glands defined as mind components with target connectors
  • add links to external and internal muscle reference at target pages
  • split hmind into parts
  • add sympathetic/parasympathetic nerves to roots
  • add mind connections to cover PNS
  • generate tracts overview and tract set pages in wiki
  • build formal spinal cord model
    • generate spinal cord page
    • generate spinal cord levels section
    • generate spinal cord tracts section
    • generate spinal cord connectivity section

Improve mind engine

  • add support for local circuits