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Release Planning

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First valuable release has no defined date. Current phase is research and design, targeted to reach good understanding of subject area and propose design able to solve vision objectives.

Development Scope

  • Have development framework based on free mainstream tools available for community
  • Starter successful implementation of core fundamental AI techniques integrated to server code using common framework

Research Scope

  • Agreed High-Level Features for AI
  • Agreed Reference Architectural Model for implementation

Book of Work

Speclet Owner Done Reviewed Released
Migrate to Eclipse - descoped - -
Migrate to free IDE VS/SS done rejected
Create Automatic Build and Deployment for Local Machine VS descoped - -
Implement working model of HTM SS postponed - -
Implement working model of Reinforcement Learning VS postponed - -
Create component diagram and map to basic AI technology set VS/SS done - READY

Release Scope Discussion

See discussion thread at Google groups