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Research Cycle

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Research in aHuman Project

Research Dilemma

After several years of running aHuman project it became clear that research is very important part of the project.

  • definitely, aHuman is related to coding, without access to expensive equipment, neurobiological procedures and owful technologies like lesion study or staining methods.
  • the approach of aHuman development uses the fact that biological mind architecture is virtually the same in human and monkey, cat and rat with minor differences
  • in the same time it is the only scheme which produces conscious alive beings on Earth

Research Tasks

It leads to the statement that there are 2 ways to build aHuman - using some newly invented approach and repeating human model. When having strong intentions to build not a toy or calculator and above considerations, aHuman project inevitably selected more reliable way of following biological human architecture.

  • unfortunately, nobody understands how human architecture works
  • nobody understands exact set of components comprising this architecture, what interactions occur among these components and for what functions
  • nevertheless, neurobiology exists for several centuries and up to the moment neuroscience has collected mountains of data for components, connectivity and functional implications
  • for the purpose of structuring the area is divided into 3 layes - macro-circuits (e.g. voluntary movements), local circuits (like neocortical processing) and neural processing (like excitation or inhibition)

It is important to understand that research in aHuman project differs from scientific research:

  • expected that aHuman researcher does not create new neurobiological facts, but reuses existing ones publicly available
  • expected that aHuman researcher makes reasonable assumptions regarding validity of facts found
  • expected that aHuman researcher selects the best of available sources when collecting data
  • expected that aHuman researcher combines facts and promising ideas from various sources in single consistent view

Research in aHuman project is aimed to:

  • build biological model with respect to aHuman targets
  • project biological model to aHuman targets

Research Steps

  • start with identifying the theme with short well-defined name and position in the whole aHuman project research
  • create page which will be primary page of research, in almost all cases it will be the only page
  • link created page from one of aHuman research framework pages
  • rewrite framework directory if required - after informing owner of related page
  • prepare page structure - heading section to facilitate navigation, Diagrams, References
  • collect information, trying to limit text to minimum, preferring referencing good diagrams
  • used sources should be linked in References section
  • finally research ends with having specific content sections which present the model of considered fenomenon in short and useful form
  • model explained should allow implementation - expected that all non-technical challengeable questions regarding the theme have been answered
  • let know the owner of related upper framework page about finishing the research