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Lower Dorsal Root Ganglion

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This page covers biological details of component Lower Dorsal Root Ganglion. Region is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to region: Peripheral Nervous System -> Sensory Ganglia (PNS.SG) -> Dorsal Root Ganglia (LPC.PN.SG.DRG) -> Lower Dorsal Root Ganglion (LPC.PN.SG.LDRG) (see Mind Maps)
  • Type: sensory ganglion
  • Quality: L0
  • Brain area: Lower Brain - Peripheral Control Area (LPC)
  • Area circuit: Lower Body Conscious Sensations (SBL)
  • Role: sensory.ganglion
  • Function: Integration of afferent signaling from lower thoracic and lumbosacral somatic and viscera
  • Notes to function:
    • T7-T12,L1-L5,S1-S5,CX




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Inbound Region Connections:

Source Area Source Region Source Name Type Role Reference
TEA TARGET.TEA.GENITALIA Genitalia utetovaginal-visceral-receptors (none) (unknown reference)
TARGET.TEA.LEG Leg leg-somatic-receptors (none) (unknown reference)
TARGET.TEA.LIVER Liver visceral-receptors (none) (unknown reference)
TARGET.TEA.RECTUM Rectum large-intestine-visceral-receptors (none) (unknown reference)
TARGET.TEA.STOMACH Stomach stomach-nutrition-sensor (none) (unknown reference)
TARGET.TEA.TRUNK Trunk trunk-lower-somatic-receptors (none) (unknown reference)
TARGET.TEA.URETER Ureter ureter-visceral-receptors (none) (unknown reference)

Outbound Region Connections:

Target Area Target Region Target Name Type Role Reference
LPC LPC.HL.GR Gracile Nucleus excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)
LPC.SC.IZ.IMM Intermediomedial Nucleus excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)
LPC.SC.PH.CL Clarke Nucleus excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)
LPC.SC.PH.LMG Lower Marginal Nucleus excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)
LPC.SC.PH.LSG Lower Substantia Gelatinosa excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)
LPC.SC.PH.NP Proprius Nucleus excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)

Thirdparty Circuits


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