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Subcuneiform Nucleus

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This page covers biological details of component Subcuneiform Nucleus. Region is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to region: Midbrain Mesencephalon -> Mesencephalic Reticular Formation (MM.RF) -> Mesencephalic Reticular Formation, Medial Column (MM.RF.MED) -> Subcuneiform Nucleus (LRC.MM.SCNF) (see Mind Maps)
  • Type: nucleus
  • Brain area: Lower Brain - Motor Reflex Area
  • Role: processor.automatic
  • Function: Initiation of gait, feedback control of saccade accuracy
  • Notes to function: contributes to generation of estimate of target or eye position coded in craniotopic coordinates




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Inbound Region Connections:

Source Area Source Region Source Name Type Reference
LRC LRC.HL.NPH Prepositus Nucleus excitatory-glu (unknown reference)
LRC.HL.PRF.GCR Gigantocellular Reticular Nucleus excitatory-glu (unknown reference)
LRC.MM.RP.RIP Raphe Interpositus Nucleus excitatory-glu (unknown reference)

Outbound Region Connections:

Target Area Target Region Target Name Type Reference
LMC LMC.HL.RP.MG Raphe Magnus Nucleus excitatory-glu (unknown reference)
LMC.HP.RP.PRN Pontine Raphe Nucleus excitatory-glu (unknown reference)

Thirdparty Circuits


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