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Myelencephalic Parasympathetic Nuclei

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This page covers biological details of component group Myelencephalic Parasympathetic Nuclei. Component group is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to center: Hindbrain Myelencephalon -> Myelencephalic Parasympathetic Nuclei (HL.PSN) (see Mind Maps)
  • Function:




Component items:



Internal Regions Connections:

  • no connections

External Connections:


External Inbound Center Connections:

Source Center Sample Link Reference
Amygdala (FAM.FT.AM) FAM.FT.AM.CEM -> LAC.HL.VGN Amygdala and its network (CEA -> VGDM, abstract)
Pontine Reticular Formation (HT.RF) LPC.HT.PRF.PB -> LAC.HL.VGN Physiology and pathophysiology of lower urinary tract (PBN -> DVM)
Pontine Tegmental Nuclei (HT.TG) LMC.HT.TG.LDT -> LAC.HL.SAL.ISL (unknown reference)
Mesencephalic Reticular Formation (MM.RF) LRC.MM.CNF -> LAC.HL.VGN (unknown reference)

External Outbound Center Connections:

Target Center Sample Link Reference
Body Parasympathetic Ganglia (PN.PSYM.BD) LAC.HL.SAL.ISL -> LAC.PN.PSYM.GUT (unknown reference)
Head and Neck Parasympathetic Ganglia (PN.PSYM.HD) LAC.HL.SAL.ISL -> LAC.PN.PSYM.OTG Autonomic nervous system (ISL -> OTG)