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How to Join to the Project

@@Home -> JoinProject


Welcome to aHuman Project!

That's exciting if you are reading this page. It means you are thinking to become team member. Please read below and estimate whether it is fit your intentions.

Project Wiki pages are ready for tracking and coordinating any activities in form of plans, ideas and accumulated knowledge of useful facts, articles, links, books.

How To

You are really joined when you are involved in any task, listed in aHuman planning pages.

  • send email to to clarify your intentions
  • create google account (can be not gmail account) - create one now.
  • whenever I have your google account and when we agree on you role in the project, you will be added to the project
  • list yourself on The Team - and add few words like other members
  • read Development Cycle to learn how to change codebase
  • then you have three options:
   # assign yourself to any unassigned task
   # ask advice from Project Admin ( about what is the best task for you
   # ask any team member to have collaborative work on any task
  • for any task not from ongoing activities, update page Release Planning to include the task outcome into one of the planned releases

Collaboration Scope

Human Project has plenty of tasks. So you have a chance to do something useful:


  • Lead research for NN representation, reinforcement learning, AI genome...
  • Integrate known Open Source NN solutions like FANN library, OpenCV...
  • Integrate known Open Source technology solutions like thread pools, grid processing, chat engines, language processors...
  • Take care about project tools - adjust using practices, upgrade project to modern development tools
  • Establish test framework
  • Think about environments, especially about production one, hosting and so on

Ongoing activities:

  • Look after documentation to facilitate development
  • Drive forum pages

Member Policy

  • currently the only admin -, it can be changed if somebody will really lead essential features
  • to be a member you need to commit something, i.e. to agree about task, do the work, achieve results
  • to stay the member, you need to have commits at least once in quarter
  • if you do not commit within quarter, you become collaborator
  • if you have no outcome, your team records will be deleted

Changing the Way How We Do Things

To have certain technology baseline I'm going to share best IT-practices from 50K-employee multinational organisation. Nothing said here, though, about how used approaches are ideal, nor do they include enough innovations. Feel free to drive the changes.

I suggest you visit page with coding and design guidelines:

These rules can be changed if you are sure it has great value and you are brave enough to manage corresponding code updates. Of course, cross-team discussion required also