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This page is intended to create model of biological human brain based on open research results across the world. Related findings are structured by other research themes.

Overall Brain

Brain Areas

Approach of defining areas:

  • make area names unique to avoid misunderstanding
  • pay specific attention to vision, audition and proprioception
  • use visual and auditory senses to track both unimodal and polymodal paths
  • do not create thalamus area to avoid mixing unrelated paths, assign thalamus nuclei to other areas
  • do not create limbic area to avoid mixing unrelated functions, assign limbic components to other areas
  • take into account all subcortical nuclei
  • all areas mapped by Brodmann placed in cortical category
  • consider only single left hemisphere, placing unique right hemisphere components into corresponding cuircuits
Area Code Area Name Function Comments
TSA Target Sensory Area aHuman Target Sensors Biological Sensors
TEA Target Effectory Area aHuman Target Effectors Biological Motors
VCA Visual Cortex Area Visual Cortex Major perception system
ACA Auditory Cortex Area Auditory Cortex Major perception system
SMA Somatic Cortex Area Somatic Proprioception Includes somatosensory associations
MCA Motor Cortex Area Motor Control Includes motor sequences
CGA Cingulate Cortex Area Emotional Control of Visceral, Skeletal, and Endocrine Outflow Free Will and Error Correction
FCA Frontal Cortex Area Sensory-Drive Associations Elaborated emotional behavior
PHA Parahippocampal Area Integrating Sensory Streams for Hippocampus Claustrum, consciousness
VBA Visual Basal Area Visual Subcortical Nuclei Major sensory system
ABA Auditory Basal Area Auditory Subcortical Nuclei Major sensory system
HBA Hippocampus Basal Area Creating Long Term Memory, Sensory Temporal Coding Long-term episodic memory
BGA Basal Ganglia Area Conscious Action Control, Motor Temporal Coding Control of planned actions
BFA Basal Feeling Area Drive Stimuli Integration Drive supply
MBA Motor Brainstem Area Postural Control and Rythmic Locomotion Extrapyramidal system
FBA Feeling Brainstem Area Pain and Moods Pleasure and pain modulation
HTA Hypothalamus Area Visceral Motor Control Lifecycle control, cortex modulation
FMA Face Motor Area Face Senses and Motors Ganglia and internals
HMA Head Motor Area Head Motor Execution and Proprioception Early motor and somatic neurons
BMA Body Motor Area Body Motor Execution and Proprioception Early motor and somatic neurons
AVA Autonomous Visceral Area Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems Nuclei and ganglia, controlling autonomous organs