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Rostral Intralaminar Nuclear Group of Thalamus

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This page covers biological details of component Rostral Intralaminar Nuclear Group of Thalamus. Region is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to region: Forebrain Diencephalon -> Thalamus (FD.TH) -> Cognitive Thalamus (FD.TH.CR) -> Intralaminar and Midline Nuclei of Thalamus (FD.TH.IML) -> Intralaminar Nuclear Group of Thalamus (FEC.FD.TH.IL) -> Rostral Intralaminar Nuclear Group of Thalamus (NCP.FD.TH.RIL) (see Mind Maps)
  • Type: nucleus
  • Quality: L0
  • Brain area: Neocortical Brain - Conscious Personality Area (NCP)
  • Area circuit: Neocortical Somatic Aggregation (SOM)
  • Role: processor.automatic
  • Function: cognitive functions
  • Notes to function:
    • from SC LVII,LVIII/CR nuclei to striatum




Component items:

  • Central Medial Nucleus
  • Paracentral Nucleus
  • Central Lateral Nucleus



Inbound Region Connections:

Source Area Source Region Source Name Type Role Reference
LLC LLC.HT.CR.DN Dentate Nucleus excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)
LPC LPC.SC.IZ.CCV Central Cervical Nucleus excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)

Outbound Region Connections:

Target Area Target Region Target Name Type Role Reference
FEC FEC.FT.PU.LT Dorsal Putamen Lateral excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)
NCP NCP.NC.SPL.SA Somatosensory Association Cortex excitatory-glu uncertain (unknown reference)

Thirdparty Circuits


  • no circuits defined



  • no references defined