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Secondary Visual Cortex, Pale Stripe

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This page covers biological details of component Secondary Visual Cortex, Pale Stripe. Region is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.




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Inbound Region Connections:

Source Area Source Region Source Name Type Reference
NSA NSA.NC.OCC.V1 Primary Visual Cortex feedforward-glu Cortico-Cortical Connectivity (V1 -> VA, abstract)

Outbound Region Connections:

Target Area Target Region Target Name Type Reference
NPE NPE.NC.OCC.V3V Ventral Associative Visual Cortex feedforward-glu Paths from Retina to Parietal Cortex and IT (V2 -> V3, abstract)

Thirdparty Circuits


7a=Caudal Precuneus,NPE.NC.SPL.PG
LGN=Lateral Geniculate Nucleus,NSA.FD.LGN
LIP=Lateral Intraparietal Sulcus,NPE.NC.IPS.LIP
MST=Medial Superior Temporal Area,NPE.NC.IPL.MST
MT=Middle Temporal Area,NSA.NC.OCC.MT
PO=Parietooccipital Area,NSA.NC.OCC.PO
Retina=Retinal Nucleus,LPC.FD.RT
TE=Inferotemporal Cortex,NSA.NC.IT.TE
TEO=Preoccipital Inferotemporal Area,NSA.NC.IT.TEO
V1=Primary Visual Cortex,NSA.NC.OCC.V1
V2=Secondary Visual Cortex,NSA.NC.OCC.V2 (see Occipital Lobe)
V3=Associative Visual Cortex,NPE.NC.OCC.V3 (see Occipital Lobe)
V4=Fusiform Gyrus,NSA.NC.OCC.V4 (see Occipital Lobe)
VIP=Ventral Intraparietal Sulcus,NSA.NC.IPS.VIP