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aHuman Project Site Map

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This page is intended to explain aHuman project page set to let you known where what can be found. Also it is a tool to ensure that pages are not trying to duplicate each other and cover project area in a reasonable way.

Home Page

  • Google Project Home is [1] leading to site home page Home
  • goals and generic approach for the project are explained on ProjectVision
  • approaches to allow many people to research and create aHuman program across internet are listed by topic in Tools and Procedures section
  • high-level division of aHuman research area into sub-areas can be found in the middle column named Research
  • finally, Development column describes important activities regarding creation of the program - technical design, coding and testing

Tools and Procedures


  • BiologicalLifeResearch - high-level components and curcuits of human biology. One of severe aHuman project principles is to make use of biological architecture where possible
  • ArtificialLifeResearch - concepts of creating personality and feeling by means of software program
  • ArtificialIntelligenceResearch - approaches of creating intelligent behaviour
  • NeuralNetworksResearch - creating Neural Networks engine, which will be able to represent any required neural network with appropriate structure and characteristics
  • NeoCortexResearch - create model of neocortex, which is the foundation of intelligence as per current neurobiogy data
  • SensorsResearch - modeling generalised sensors as foundation for any specific target sensor element
  • MotorResearch - modeling generalised effectors and related proprioceptors as foundation for any specific target motor element
  • ArtificialIntelligenceDictionary - attempt to collect various terms to point to areas of further understanding and possible use
  • Library - list of printed books, which can play significant role on understanding the project. It does not mention numerous articles, which are stored in svn subtree


Obsolete Pages