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Septal Nuclei

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This page covers biological details of component group Septal Nuclei. Component group is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to center: Forebrain Telencephalon -> Extended Amygdala (FAM.FT.EXTAM) -> Septal Nuclei (FAM.FT.SEP) (see Mind Maps)
  • Function: Inhibition of fear and expression of pleasurable responses




Component items:

  • Dorsal Septal Nucleus (FAM.FT.SEP.DS)
    • Lateral Septal Group (FAM.FT.SEP.LG)
    • Medial Septal Group (FAM.FT.SEP.MG)
  • Posterior Septal Group (FAM.FT.SEP.PG)



Internal Regions Connections:

  • no connections

External Connections:


External Inbound Center Connections:

Source Center Sample Link Reference
Amygdala (FAM.FT.AM) FAM.FT.AM.MPV -> FAM.FT.SEP.LT (unknown reference)
Central Extended Amygdala (FAM.FT.CEAM) FAM.FT.BNST -> FAM.FT.SEP.BAC (unknown reference)
Hypothalamus (FD.HT) LAC.FD.HT.SUM -> FAM.FT.SEP.DBB Medial mammillary nucleus and theta rhythm (SupraMM -> SEP, abstract)
Hippocampal Formation (FMM.FT.HF) FMM.FT.HC.CA1D -> FAM.FT.SEP.LT Connectivity map of the habenula (Hippo -> Septum, abstract)
Pontine Tegmental Nuclei (HT.TG) FAM.HT.TG.NI -> FAM.FT.SEP.SF (unknown reference)
Locus Coeruleus (LMC.HT.LC) LMC.HT.LC -> FAM.FT.SEP.DBB (unknown reference)
Mesencephalic Reticular Formation (MM.RF) LMC.MM.RP.SUC -> FAM.FT.SEP.LT (unknown reference)
Orbitomedial Prefrontal Cortex (NC.AL.OMPFC) NDM.NC.AL.FPC -> FAM.FT.SEP.SH (unknown reference)

External Outbound Center Connections:

Target Center Sample Link Reference
Habenula (FAM.FD.HB) FAM.FT.SEP.BAC -> FAM.FD.MHB Connectivity map of the habenula (Septum -> M, abstract)
Hypothalamus (FD.HT) FAM.FT.SEP.DBB -> FMM.FD.MB.MMB Cingulate Gyrus (SEP -> HT, abstract)
Cognitive Thalamus (FD.TH.CR) FAM.FT.SEP.LT -> NDM.FD.TH.PV (unknown reference)
Hippocampal Formation (FMM.FT.HF) FAM.FT.SEP.BAC -> FMM.FT.HF.SUBP Medial mammillary nucleus and theta rhythm (SEP -> HF, abstract)
Orbitomedial Prefrontal Cortex (NC.AL.OMPFC) FAM.FT.SEP.DBB -> NDM.NC.AL.VMPFC (unknown reference)
Medial Parietal Lobule (NC.MPL) FAM.FT.SEP.MED -> NCP.NC.MPL.RSC Medial mammillary nucleus and theta rhythm (SEP -> RSP, abstract)