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Medial Septal Nucleus

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This page covers biological details of component Medial Septal Nucleus. Region is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to region: Forebrain Telencephalon -> Extended Amygdala (FAM.FT.EXTAM) -> Septal Nuclei (FAM.FT.SEP) -> Dorsal Septal Nucleus (FAM.FT.SEP.DS) -> Medial Septal Group (FAM.FT.SEP.MG) -> Medial Septal Nucleus (FAM.FT.SEP.MED) (see Mind Maps)
  • Type: nucleus
  • Quality: L0
  • Brain area: Forebrain - Affective Motivations Area (FAM)
  • Area circuit: Memory Formation Affective Focus (FAMXMF)
  • Role: processor.affective.memory
  • Function: affect HC for spatial learning, generation of theta waves
  • Notes to function:
    • output nucleus
    • projections from AM and HC overlap
    • control theta rythm and exprolatory behavior
    • from/to MFB to fornix fimbria




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Inbound Region Connections:

Source Area Source Region Source Name Type Role Reference
LAC LAC.FD.HT.SUM Supramammillary Nucleus excitatory-glu uncertain Medial mammillary nucleus and theta rhythm (SupraMM -> SEP, abstract)

Outbound Region Connections:

Target Area Target Region Target Name Type Role Reference
FAM FAM.FD.MHB Medial Habenula modulatory-ach uncertain Both LHb and MHb control the dopaminergic and serotonergic systems (MS -> MHb)
FEC FEC.FD.TH.PF Parafascicular Nucleus of Thalamus modulatory-ach uncertain (unknown reference)
FMM FMM.FD.MB.LMB Lateral Mammillary Nucleus modulatory-ach uncertain Cingulate Gyrus (SEP -> HT, abstract)
FMM.FD.MB.MMB Medial Mammillary Nucleus inhibitory-gaba uncertain Cingulate Gyrus (SEP -> HT, abstract)
NCP NCP.NC.MPL.RSC Retrosplenial Cortex modulatory-ach uncertain Medial mammillary nucleus and theta rhythm (SEP -> RSP, abstract)
NDM NDM.FD.TH.MDM Medial Mediodorsal Nucleus of Thalamus modulatory-ach uncertain Thalamocortical relationships (s1MD -> MD, abstract)

Thirdparty Circuits


AVTH=Anteroventral Nucleus,FMM.FD.TH.AV
HF=Hippocampal Formation,FMM.FT.HF
MMB=Medial Mammillary Nucleus,FMM.FD.MB.MMB
RSP=Retrosplenial Cortex,NCP.NC.MPL.RSC
SEP=Septal Nuclei,FAM.FT.SEP
SupraMM=Supramammillary Nucleus,LAC.FD.HT.SUM
VTN=Ventral Tegmental Area,LMC.MM.VTA

CG=Posterior Cingulate Cortex,NCP.NC.MPL.PSCG
ET=Entorhinal Cortex,FMM.NC.PH.ET (see Rhinal Cortex)
HC=Hippocampus,FMM.FT.HC (see Hippocampal Formation)
MB=Mammillary Body,FD.MB (see Hypothalamus)
SEP=Septal Nuclei,FAM.FT.SEP
TH=Anterior Nucleus of Thalamus,FD.TH.AN (see Cognitive Thalamus)

A=Anterior Nucleus of Thalamus,FD.TH.AN (see Cognitive Thalamus)
CM=Centromedian Nucleus of Thalamus,FEC.FD.TH.CM
LD=Lateral Dorsal Nucleus of Thalamus,FMM.FD.TH.LD
LGN=Lateral Geniculate Nucleus,NSA.FD.LGN
LP=Lateral Posterior Nucleus of Thalamus,NPE.FD.TH.LP
MD=Mediodorsal Nucleus of Thalamus,FD.TH.MD (see Cognitive Thalamus)
MGN=Medial Geniculate Body,NSA.FD.TH.MGB
P=Ventral Posterior Nuclei,NSA.FD.TH.VP (see Sensory Thalamus)
VA=Ventral Anterior Nucleus,NMA.FD.TH.VA
VL=Ventral Lateral Nucleus,NMA.FD.TH.VL
VPL=Ventral Posterolateral Nucleus,NCP.FD.TH.VPL
VPM=Ventral Posteromedial Nucleus,NCP.FD.TH.VPM
pA=Posterior Cingulate Cortex,NCP.NC.MPL.PSCG
pCM=Dorsal Putamen,FEC.FT.DPU (see Basal Ganglia)
pLD=Anterior Cingulate Cortex,NC.AL.ACG (see Anterior Cingulate Area)
pLGN=Primary Visual Cortex,NSA.NC.OCC.V1
pLP=Superior Parietal Lobule,NC.SPL
pMD=Prefrontal Cortex,NC.AL.PFC
pMGN=Primary Auditory Cortex,NSA.NC.TTG.A1
pP=Insular Cortex,NC.INS
pVA=Supplementary Motor Cortex,NMA.NC.SMC
pVL=Motor Cortex,NMA.NC.MC
pVPL=Primary Somatosensory Cortex,NCP.NC.PG.S1
pVPM=Precentral Cortex,NCP.NC.PO.PCC
s1A=Subiculum,FMM.FT.HF.SUB (see Hippocampal Formation)
s1MD=Septal Nuclei,FAM.FT.SEP
s1P=Central Cervical Nucleus,LPC.SC.IZ.CCV
s1VL=Dentate Nucleus,LLC.HT.CR.DN
s2A=Mammillary Body,FD.MB (see Hypothalamus)
s2MD=Piriform Cortex,NSA.NC.PH.PIR
s2P=Principal Trigeminal Nucleus,LPC.HT.PN.PTR
s2VL=Basal Ganglia,FEC.FT.BG
s3MD=Prefrontal Cortex,NC.AL.PFC
sCM=Globus Pallidus Internal,FEC.FT.GPI (see Basal Ganglia)
sLD=Superior Parietal Lobule,NC.SPL
sLP=Superior Colliculus,MM.SC (see Reflexes Nuclei of Midbrain Mesencephalon)
sVA=Basal Ganglia,FEC.FT.BG
sVPL=Marginal Nucleus,LPC.SC.PH.MG (see Posterior/Dorsal Horn)
sVPM=Solitary Nucleus,LPC.HL.SOL

DBB=Diagonal Band of Broca,FAM.FT.SEP.DBB
DRN=Dorsal Raphe Nucleus,LMC.MM.RP.DRN
GPb=Dorsal Pallidum,FEC.FT.DP (see Basal Ganglia)
IPN=Interpeduncular Nucleus,FEC.HT.TG.IPD
LHA=Lateral Hypothalamic Nucleus,LAC.FD.HT.LTN
LHbL=Lateral Habenula Lateral Part,FAM.FD.LHB.LT
LHbM=Lateral Habenula Medial Part,FAM.FD.LHB.MED
LPO=Ventrolateral Preoptic Nucleus,LAC.FD.HT.VLPO
LS=Lateral Septal Nucleus,FAM.FT.SEP.LT
MHb=Medial Habenula,FAM.FD.MHB
MRN=Raphe Nuclei of Medulla,LMC.HL.RP (see Medullary Reticular Formation)
MS=Medial Septal Nucleus,FAM.FT.SEP.MED
PS=Posterior Septal Group,FAM.FT.SEP.PG (see Septal Nuclei)
RMTg=Rostromedial Tegmental Nucleus,FEC.HT.TG.RMTG
SNc=Substantia Nigra Pars Compacta,FEC.FT.SNC (see Basal Ganglia)
VP=Ventral Pallidum,FEC.FT.VP (see Basal Ganglia)
VTA=Ventral Tegmental Area,LMC.MM.VTA