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Supplementary Motor Cortex

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This page covers biological details of component group Supplementary Motor Cortex. Component group is part of aHuman target integrated biological model.

  • Top-down path to center: Cerebral Cortex -> Anterior Lobe (NC.LOBE.ANT) -> Supplementary Motor Cortex (NMA.NC.SMC) (see Mind Maps)
  • Function: Process sequences of movements and coordinate bilateral movements




Component items:



Internal Regions Connections:

  • no connections

External Connections:


External Inbound Center Connections:

Source Center Sample Link Reference
Motor Thalamus (FD.TH.MR) NMA.FD.TH.VA -> NMA.NC.SMC.F3 Thalamocortical relationships (VA -> pVA, abstract)
Lateral Prefrontal Cortex (NC.AL.LPFC) NDM.NC.AL.DLPFCR -> NMA.NC.SMC.F6 Primate Control of Grasping (46 -> F6, abstract)
Premotor Cortex (NC.PMC) NMA.NC.PMC.F4 -> NMA.NC.SMC.F3 (unknown reference)
Superior Parietal Lobule (NC.SPL) NPE.NC.SPL.PG -> NPE.NC.SMC.SEF Movement Planning (PPC -> SMC, abstract)

External Outbound Center Connections:

Target Center Sample Link Reference
Subthalamus Area (FEC.FD.STA) NMA.NC.SMC.F6 -> FEC.FD.STN.MED Serotonin regulation of subthalamic neurons (CTX -> STN, abstract)
Basal Ganglia (FEC.FT.BG) NMA.NC.SMC.F3 -> FEC.FT.PU.MED Global visual system (FrontalCortex -> BGA, abstract)
Medullary Reticular Formation (HL.RF) NMA.NC.SMC.F3 -> LRC.HL.PRF.GCR Motor neurons control (CTX -> MRF, abstract)
Pontine Reticular Formation (HT.RF) NMA.NC.SMC.F3 -> LLC.HT.PRF.RTMG Motor neurons control (CTX -> PRF, abstract)
Mesencephalic Reticular Formation (MM.RF) NPE.NC.SMC.SEF -> LRC.MM.RP.RIP Horizontal saccades and smooth pursuit movements (FEFSEF -> RIP, abstract)
Premotor Cortex (NC.PMC) NMA.NC.SMC.F3 -> NMA.NC.PMC.F2 3 Visual Cortex Paths (pre-SMA -> dPM, abstract)